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Superminis Examples: Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Toyota Yaris
Family Cars Examples: Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Nissan Juke
Luxury Cars Examples: Jaguar XJ, Audi A7, Mercedes S Class
Executive Cars Examples: Mercedes E Class, Audi A6, Volkswagen Passat
SUVs Examples: Nissan Qashqai, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4
People Carriers Examples: Vauxhall Zafira, Volkswagen Touran, Ford Galaxy
Sports Cars Examples: Mercedes SLK, AUDI TT, Mazda MX5
Supercars Examples: Ferrari California, Aston Martin DBS, McLaren 12C

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Used Cars for Sale, Find & Buy Second Hand Cars (13)

Buying a used car

Looking to buy a used car? Here's some help and advice to get you through to purchase.

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Used Cars for Sale, Find & Buy Second Hand Cars (14)

Used car checklist

Use our comprehensive checklist to ensure you know what to look for when buying a used car.

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Used Cars for Sale, Find & Buy Second Hand Cars (15)

Driving costs

Considering car tax, insurance and fuel consumption before you buy will help keep costs to budget.

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Which type of used car are you looking for?

One reason why nearly 8 million used cars* were sold across the UK in 2021 is the sheer amount of choice available. There’s a type of used car for everyone, whatever you might be looking for.

But to work out which of the many used cars for sale right now could be your perfect match, it’s worth asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • What do you need the car for? Is it for commuting or something to get your work done? Maybe it’s for those regular school runs or even fun family days out?
  • How much can you afford to pay? Do you have the funds in place?
  • Have you thought about running costs? Tax, insurance and fuel costs can be a factor.
  • Looking for manual or automatic transmission?
  • Is a petrol or diesel engine your choice? Or how about a hybrid or full-electric option?
  • Do you have an existing car to sell or part-exchange?

Thinking about these points can give you a better idea of the type of car you’re looking for – coupes, hatchbacks, estates or something else? You might even have a list of makes and models that best fit your car needs. At the very least, you can bear these points in mind as part of your used car search.

* Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders data

How to find your next car

Whatever type of car you’re looking for, the chances are you can find it. But, with thousands of used cars to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

Our aim is to match you with your next car as quickly and easily as possible. Here’s how we do that.

With our used car finder, type in the make or model you have in mind, along with your postcode. Hit Search and you’ll get all the details of used cars for sale from dealers in your area.

Looking for something more specific? Filter the results from our used car finder based on how much you can afford, what fuel type you prefer and whether you want a manual or automatic.

We can also just show you nearly new cars for sale and those inspected near you, too.

Sign up and create an account with us and you can compare the cars you’ve shortlisted, contact our dealers quickly and get email alerts when new used cars matching your search are listed.

How we help you buy used cars with confidence

Used cars can often offer better value for money than new ones, which can lose 40% of their value in their first 2 years due to depreciation. But how do you know if the price is too good to be true?

After all, a used car may cost less than a new car, but it’s still a significant amount of money to spend for many people. And knowing more about its history before you commit lets you make sure it’s safe and has no nasty surprises in store.

Has your dream car been well looked after? Is it roadworthy? Who’s owned it before you? These are all questions that we can answer with history checks, vehicle inspections, approved dealers and more. We even offer free Basic Breakdown Cover if the vehicle purchased is for personal use, to keep you on the road. apply.

AA Cars helps you not only find your next car but makes sure that you buy with confidence too.

Used cars – know what to look for

When buying your next car, you’ll want to avoid any expensive surprises. Doing your research before searching online or visiting used car dealerships can be a useful start. Knowing what questions to ask can ease any doubts you might have too – provided you’re satisfied with the answers you receive.

Our used car checklist can help you get to grips with what to look for when buying a used car.

AA approved dealers

It’s not just about how, but also where you can buy used cars with confidence.

You could find your dream car for sale from an established dealer, an independent garage or even a private seller. But questions always remain – how sure are you that you’re getting a good deal? Is it in the condition you’d expect it to be? And how well will it get you from A-to-B safely and securely?

No matter which one you eventually decide on, buy your next car with us and you can be sure that it’s been given a history check before it goes on the site.

You can also purchase a full history check for your new wheels, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you drive it off the forecourt.

With our used car search, you can also choose to find your next car from one of our approved dealers. Any car bought from an approved dealer means it’s been rigorously inspected to make sure it’s in the condition you’d expect from a high-quality used car.

AA Vehicle Inspection service

Found your next car – but not from one of our approved dealers? You can still take advantage of our vehicle inspection service from just £128* if you want that extra seal of approval.

* Members price; from £142 for non-members

Free AA Basic breakdown cover

All used vehicles bought through us are eligible for Basic Breakdown Cover if they’ll be used for personal use only. We also have exclusive discounted upgrades for new and existing AA Members, no matter how you wish to use your vehicle. apply.

How can I pay for my next car?

There’s no shortage of great deals on used cars to be found. If the price is right, you can easily self-finance your next car with a credit card, savings you’ve built up or using a personal loan.

But what if the price of your next car is still a bit too high to self-finance it? Selling or trading in your existing car can be used towards upgrading to a new one? And we have the options to help you out.

For some people, self-financing or using your current car to afford your next one isn’t an option. So, why not find out if AA Car Finance can get you the car of your dreams?

Finance for your next car

Not only can we help you find your next vehicle from a wide range of used cars, we’re also able to help find the finance that works for you. Our rates start from 9.9% APR from a panel of 30+ lenders. You can even check if you’re eligible without impacting your credit score.

Get a quote in minutes, calculate your repayments and apply online with AA Car Finance.

Need to sell your car?

Sell your car for a great price. Get the best price for your car from 5,000+ dealers with our trusted partner Motorway. It’s completely free with home collection.

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