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John and Bonnie breathed a sigh of relief as they rounded the corner. Both of their children stood outside, free from serious injury, alive.

“Christ! What happened?” Bonnie gasped as she caught sight of the two blood painted faces, slowing her mare to a stop.

“They tipped our home upside down.” Luise made out between exhausted gasps, crimson dripping down her brow.

“Well I’m so glad you’re okay!” Bonnie cried, leaping off of the mare to throw her arms around Luise. John followed suit behind her.

“Good job son, real good.” He nodded, and pulled Jack into a more reserved hug. “You could almost shoot a bear now.”

“Very funny.” Jack scoffed and pulled away, a smile tugging at his split lip. A sudden wave of exhaustion flattened him. The adrenaline had fizzled away as soon as it came, and he felt utterly spent.

Jack let himself be led inside. Bonnie gasped as she surveyed the destruction done to her home. Every cabinet emptied, every wardrobe opened, windows were shattered, curtains were torn. The house had been completely rifled through, like some giant fox had upended the inside of a chicken coop in the hunt for a meal.

“Looks like they were searching for something.” Jack noted, casually stepping over the brute’s cold, still body.

“They were searching for you.” Luise snipped.

“No - more than that.” Jack said.

“They were searching for a relic.” John said promptly, causing the two younger faces to swivel to him in surprise. “It’s a mask,” He filled in. “It has unnatural powers, it was responsible for the last undead rising after some bastard stole it.”

“And how do you know it’s a mask?” Bonnie asked.

“Because I returned it to its rightful place last time.”

“Wait- you did? Uh. Well - I think he thought I was looking for that mask as well, and seemed to think I was looking for power of some sort.” Jack said quietly, causing John to turn to him.


“The guy who attacked me, the uh… The son of Flaco Hernandez?” He tried, watching John’s eyes light with recognition after a moment.

“Flaco Hernandez was a big guy in the Del Lobos - real nasty. He was killed about… Fifteen years ago.” John paused. “Arthur killed him, actually.”

“Nueves Lobos?” Jack and Luise asked at once.

“A big gang that once roamed Mexico and parts of America, that was ‘till they were all wiped out by the government.” John filled.

“It seems they’ve rebanded, call themselves Nueves Lobos now.” Bonnie finished, glumly pushing around shards of glass with the toe of her boot.

“And they just assume I’d know about this mask because of my relation to you?” Jack’s voice was bitter. His dizzy head hurt like a bitch as he reflected on this revelation. It was like the world wanted him to be some evil outlaw.

“They probably assumed because you made yourself one of the most wanted outlaws in the county.” John bit back, no subtly to his anger at all. He sighed. “I never told you about it because it could have put you in a dangerous position, but it’s a bit too late for that, isn’t it?” He said, gesturing to the chaos that was the Macfarlane Ranch.

Jack’s eyes flitted to Luise, bloodied and broken, and then back down to the floor. Guilt. Guilt and anger slowly crushed him as the consequences of his action dawned on him, coming to the revelation that this was his fault.

If he hadn’t gotten that bounty on his head, then the world wouldn’t even know of his existence. He had been reckless, had been identified as John Marston’s son, someone destined to be bad, and his bounty poster led this bloodthirsty gang straight to the Macfarlanes. Innocent people were harmed because of him.

The truth was, Jack hadn’t really expected to come out of his revenge plot alive. Ross was an experienced killer, while Jack was just some kid who had a little practice shooting tin cans. The fact that Jack had won the duel was a feat of fate, and he wasn’t prepared for what he would do afterwards. Jack had not bothered in hiding his tracks, because he thought they would lead the law to his dead body.

Frankly, it was the easy path for Jack to choose. Everything a budding outlaw would need was stashed away somewhere within the house. All the ammunition, weapons and horse documents Jack needed were tucked away in chests or hidden amongst the top shelves. To Jack it was the obvious option, the only option. So easily accessible due to the nature of his father’s past life.


Jack’s wounds had no time to heal before John was packing up again that very same day, preparing to leave for Mexico on his mission to find Seth Briars and return the Aztec mask.

“I think it’s best you come with me for now” John grumbled as he slipped a hefty saddlebag over the flank of his ghostly horse. It was all Jack had wanted, yet he felt himself deflate slightly at his father’s curt tone. He wanted things to be friendly amongst them, instead it seemed Jack was a hindrance to John, liable to blow at any second. “Or stay. It’s your choice.”

“I’m coming with you.” Jack said a little too quickly. Considering that the Nueves Lobos, however many of them there were, were expecting to find Jack at the ranch. It would be best for the safety of the Macfarlane Ranch, Jack told himself. He pushed down his shame. This was all he had wanted. He had been so alone since Pa died, even more so after Ma passed as well. He had so many questions.

John nodded curtly, expression unreadable. “Say your goodbyes quickly, we don’t know when more of them could show up.” John’s eyes followed Jack as he went inside to break the news to Luise.

Approaching the cut up girl warily, fiddling with his hat. “Luise.” He said, her fingers pausing to look up at him as she reloaded a repeater.

His hand moved to scratch behind his ear. “I’m leaving soon - well, now. It’s better off if I do, considering all of this.” He gestured broadly with his other hand to the destroyed room.

She looked back down to her gun to hide her face as it fell. The silence was palpable.

Finally she said, “No point in even trying to argue.”

Jack groaned loud enough for her to hear. “What other choice do I have!?”

“You could stay! For once you could stay instead of running away to get yourself killed! Have you seen the current state of the world?”

“I have my father with me. You’ve seen me shoot. I can handle myself!”

“Last time you left me you got wanted, shot, you almost died for god’s sake! He doesn’t need you; you heard him, he’s done this all before - alone!”

The words sliced him.

“You’d risk all this for what!?” She continued. “Some gunslinging fantasy? I understand that he’s back and you want things to be different, but you can’t just leave this life you have here!” She reached up to grab his arm, but he was already turning away.

He pushed her away. “I. Have. No. Choice.” He grit out flatly, and turned on his heel with an air of finality.

UNDEAD REDEMPTION - Chapter 9 - Lettucebox (2024)


Is The Undead Nightmare canon? ›

It adds a non-canonical zombie horror-themed single-player campaign, two multiplayer modes, and cosmetic additions to the environments and characters of the open world Western action-adventure game.

Is there an ending to Undead Nightmare? ›

Epilogue. Upon heading back to Beecher's Hope, John finds that Abigail and Jack are fine, and they are happy again. A few months later, John is dead at the hands of Edgar Ross, and in Escalera, Seth is shown stealing the ancient mask, causing all dead, including John, to return as undead.

How long is Undead Nightmare 100%? ›

Undead Nightmare is significantly easier to get 100% completion in than Red Dead Redemption, and can easily be done in less than nine hours total gameplay, as the Undead Nightmare story (Thus gameplay) is shorter than the Red Dead Redemption storyline.

Where is the famine in Undead Nightmare? ›

Famine can be found at a few places in Mexico, but all are within the triangle of Chuparosa/Ojoda Diablo/Barranca. Head there around midnight and the black and white horse with locusts flying around it will be roaming the area.

Will Arthur Morgan return in RDR3? ›

A fan questioned Clark directly about Arthur's role in a potential sequel. Unfortunately, Clark replies that Arthur Morgan himself may not be involved in the story. Despite the enormous potential, Clark stated that they feel Arthur Morgan's “story has been told”: I'm certain we will see RDR3 one day.

Will rdr2 get an Undead Nightmare? ›

Highlights. Red Dead Redemption 2's lack of a follow-up to the popular Undead Nightmare DLC is a disappointment for fans who enjoyed the zombie experience in the original game.

Why can't I save Torquemada? ›

There is sometimes a glitch in Undead Nightmare where upon arriving here there is a shadow and outline of the buildings, but it does not allow the player to "save" the town. Animals will sometimes spawn in the town. First, kill all the people in Torquemada without dying.

Is Undead Nightmare just a dream? ›

Marston ACTUALLY falls asleep and ACTUALLY has the "Undead Nigtmare". This is something that actually happens. It's canon. The contents of the dream (specifically, the main storyline's quests) are something that Marston ACTUALLY experiences while in his dormant state, so they can be taken to be canon as well.

Why did Seth steal the mask? ›

After Marston has eliminated the undead Abraham Reyes, ventured through the Escalera Catacombs, and returned the mask to its rightful spot, Seth is seen stealing the mask a few months later. This revives Marston from the dead, as well as reignites the infection.

Why is Undead Nightmare so awesome? ›

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare was a top-tier DLC with a mix of macabre humor and new mechanics. Fans loved the zombie-filled Weird West setting and the fresh take on the base game. GTA 6 could potentially bring back an Undead Nightmare-style experience, delighting fans of the original DLC.

Is Undead Nightmare DLC free? ›

The original Red Dead Redemption game and its Story DLC Undead Nightmare is now available for free if you're a Grand Theft Auto Plus Subscribers. Red Dead Redemption, which was released in 2010 can be claimed entirely free from today for players who are subscribed to GTA+ on Xbox Series X/S, and the PlayStation 5.

Does Undead Nightmare spoil the game? ›

It spoils the ending of RDR, particularly John's outcome. "It spoils the ending of RDR, particularly John's outcome."

What happens if you lose a town in Undead Nightmare? ›

Once a town is overrun by the undead and is assigned a status of "Lost", the player can still use the town temporarily to save and fast-travel by clearing out the zombies that appear as red blips on the radar. During that time, the town is assigned a temporary status of "saved".

What does horse pestilence do? ›

Pestilence: A diseased white horse surrounded by a green miasma. Extremely tough. Fast speed. Note: Will stun Undead for a few seconds on contact and is nearly impossible to kill.

Is the Sasquatch in Undead Nightmare? ›

Sasquatches are mythical creatures featured in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.

Is Undead Nightmare an alternate universe? ›

The Undead Nightmare Universe (also nicknamed "Undead Nightmare's Alternative Timeline") refers to the third Red Dead universe created by Rockstar San Diego (formerly Angel Studios). The universe follows an alternative Zombie-Apocalypse scenario started by a DLC expansion for Red Dead Redemption released in 2010.

Is AW American Nightmare canon? ›

Scratch established in the original 2010 title, but it's not a direct sequel in the way Alan Wake 2 is. American Nightmare, in turn, is a canon entry of Alan trying to escape through the Dark Place somewhere in between writing 'Initiation' and 'Return,' the manuscripts Alan Wake 2's plot is centered around.

Are zombies canon in RDR? ›

The Undead (also known as Zombies) are the titular main antagonists of Undead Nightmare, the non-canon DLC expansion for the 2010 action-adventure video game Red Dead Redemption. There are 4 different types of Undead: Fresh Undead, Bolters, Bruisers and Retchers.

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