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CopyrUht 1940 1 TlmMBenld or freezing rain probably changing to rain with slowly rising temperatures TOCPBRATUBES LAST TWEOTT QUR HOURS Mldnit II it 11 VOL VII NO 328 iuc oft) Cam15 Noon 29 8pnu 80 7 am 15 1pm S3 7 pm' 81 8am 18 1pm 38 Spun 21 Um 17 3pm 34 I pm 28 10 am 18 4 pm 33 10 pm 20 11am 34 6pm 33 11pm 28 Dally Almanac on Paca 3 WA I NGTO DI 7 TUESDAY DECEMBER 25 IVE EDITION AVERAGE NET PAID CIRCULATION OR NOVEMBER Excttdtd Daily 240000 Sunday 250000 Th LARGEST Daly and Sunday Circulation in Washington 11945 PRICE CITY BOMB DELIVERY RATES Dally Dally i' Boa A Bun Wsekfr 3 16 3 10 31 Monthly 86 46 LIO BIG THREE TO DRAW PEACE TREATIES MAY 1 With War Hero Rites: Short III But Carols ill the Air Gen Patton Joins Dead of His Dictatorships Peace Prayer Carols Sound Message 4000 Get Yule Gifts Craft lies 4 Hours Without Crew Index of Today's News and eatures io 3 8 8 9 9 8 Pope Urges World to End BERLIN Dec 24 Two American soldiers of the 78th divi sion were shot dead before mid night Sunday by two unidentified assailants A German girl who ac companied the victims reported to the United States authorities later that the two attackers wore Russian uniforms and she heard them speaking Russian deed there was unbounded gaiety how it was in Washing ton on the Eve of Christmas 1945 as thousands made ready to cele brate the east of the Nativity blessed by peace and the reunion of loved ones IRST SECTION Austlne Cassini 11 Clubs Daily Almanac rank Waldrop George Dixon Helen Essary How to Keep Well Two Yanks in Berlin Are Slain oh Street fled Mrs veil as she watched the ceremony at the grave no different from the 7933 others topped by white crosses Her eyes were red but for the rest she was the same good soldier her husband had been Patton's Orderly Weeps In the final minute of the cere mony MSgt William Meeks the Negro Junction city? Kan who had served atton falthfully as his orderly for eight" years presented the widow with the flag that had draped the coffin There were tears in eyes His face was screwed up with strain He bowed slowly and handed the flag to Mrs Patton Then he saluted stiffly to her (Turnto Page 7 Col 3) Ringing carols with their eter nal message of hope for humanity rose onthe air They sounded their message from the snow blanketed "White House lawn where President Truman gave his message of good cheer to the na tion They sounded in 'churches throughout the city' as Christians of all faiths gathered to hear words of strong hope and belief There was money aplenty and fine food and drink and wrapped presents for all There were par Gay Throngs Celebrate City's 1st Peacetime Yule Since '40 Lincoln Nebr They parachuted when icing conditions made the control surface sluggish and un workable The men suffered only slight bruises The plane made its crash land ing on the farm of Milton Mc Cutcheon Several persons heard it flying overhead then plunge through trees and crash The wreckage was found near an un used house with a wing and en gine torn off Urges Adherence to 'Sermon on Mount' TrumanLeads Nation in Yule Texas Gunman Shot In Jail Break Try WHARTON Tex Dec 24 (UP) Pete Norris notorious Texas gun man robber and confidence man was shot and critically wounded today when he attempted to escape from the Wharton county Jail ties unnumbered for the men and women in uniform still there was entertainment of every variety in night spots And there was a lonely navy who stood forlornly just be fore midnight in the almost de serted bus terminal Kept Watch on Transport year" he said kept watch on a transport off Gibral tar day I came back was Christmas to me So had mine Christmas came to the average family to find the stage set as in peace years There were wreaths in the windows and a decorated tree in the comer or the real young it was all new and modem with wooden toys instead of mejal (Turn to Page 4 Col 1) By MERRIMAN SMITH President Truman last night led the nation in a prayer of thanks for this 'first peaceful Yuletide In four years and solemnly told the World that a solution for all its ills lies in teaching of the Prince of Peace one not believe there is one problem in this in the today which could not be settled if approached through the teaching of the Sermon on the he said Would that the world would accept that mes sage in this time of greatest irst Ceremony Since 1941 The occasion for this hopeful ut terance was the ceremonial light ing of the national community Christmas tree on the snow blan keted lawn of the White House It was the first such ceremony since December 24 17 days after the disaster of Pearl when the nation faced its darkest hour On that occasion the late Presi dent Roosevelt said as he lighted the community tree for the last time during the' war yetlrs 'that strongest weapon in this war is that conviction of the dignity brotherhood of man which Christmas Day signifies and more than any other day or any other Crowd Estimated at 10900 i The President appeared for the ceremony dressed against the be low freezing weather He wore high galoshes with his dark blue trousers tucked in As Mr Truman approached the 1 stand he drew a sharp salute from the Washington High School Cadet Corps On the stand he received another from Jeremy Jackson Washington Eagle Scout Police estimated the crowd at 10000 Last night the war won and peace restored to the earth Mr Truman gave thanks for this Christmas which war weary world1 has prayed for through long and awful 5 "Gloom of War ades "With peace come joy and glad he said "The gloom of the war years fades as once more we light the national community Christmas tree We meet in the spirit of the first Christmas when the midnight choir sang the hymn of joy: to God in the high est and on earth peace good will toward There was a Christmas card SSttlng for the Ceremony The (Turn to Page 4 Col 2) the army and to several thousand more who completed their sen tences before becoming soldiers or members of the other services Citizenship was restored to those who joined the armed forces on or after July 29 1941 and who served? in active status for at least a year before being honor ably discharged or separated from the armed forces That privilege however was not extended to any ex convict if he had been con victed of any offenses against the service laws while he was a mem ber of the armed forces i rance Gets Invitation 2Tolt alianDiscussion Story on Moscow radio denim elation of "colonial system" as a drag on the United Nations is on Page Two Boy Rewarded With All Ice Cream He Can Eat MAYWOOD Calif Dec 24 Ten year old Larry Wil liams today came into a one year ice cream annuity Any time dur ing 1946 he can get ail the free ice cream he wants from the Panda Ice Cream Co It was re ward plus a $10 bill for discover ing in an old pile of lumber a box containing 185 stolen from the company Polish Scientists Seek To Testify at Nurnberg MOSCOW Dec 24 (Reuters) Scientists of Lvov the former Polish town now part of the Soviet Ukraine want to testify at the Nurnberg war crime trial of the 21 leading Nazis the Russian newspaper Pravda reported today Obituaries' 6 Picture Page12 Westbrook Pegler 9 Page 10 SECOND SECTION Classified 14 15 19 Comics 20 21 Crossword Puzzle 22 Danton Walker 22 CHILLICOTHE Ohio Dec 24 A military guard was placed around the wreckage of a 047 transport piano today as the army investigated its thousand mile flight from Nebraska with out crew or other human aid by its six man crew hear Dwight Nebr it plied in a field 12 miles west of here last night after flying four hours The crew had been on a routine training flight from Denver to Eisenhower in Visit To Walter Reed Vets Gen Eisenhower army chief of staff paid a surprise pre Chrlst mas visit yesterday tb wounded veterans in WalterReed hospitgl tou of the hospital' was a forerunner to Christmas parties Outlines Requisites or Lasting Peace LL By EDWARD MURRAY VATICAN CITY Dec 14 (UP) 1 Pope Pius XII in a Christmas Eve message to the world called today 1 for an end of all totalitarianism 1 and outlined the 1 moral prerequisites of a 'true and 1 lasting True peace he said in his ad dress to the College of Cardinals assembled in the Consistory Hall at the Vatican does not exist Peace Preliminaries Begun But an accumulation hitherto perhaps never achieved of experience good will political insight and organizing talent men have begun the preliminaries to a world peace He said statesmen faced per haps the greatest task in history of bringing peace order and pros perity to mankind 30 years of world' 'wars crises and incalculable destitution" The Pope implied 'that no na tion was entirely free of guilt for international conflict and said na tions seeklnii reparations should base their ciaiis moral prin ciples and respect for those Im violable natural rights which re main' valid even for those who haw surrendered unconditionally In tha Suggest Three Point He gave three points f( a and lasting The present hour demands collaboration good will and reck procal trust among all peoples or a lasting all na tions must renounce artificially created censorship of public opin ion which directs the thought of and will of voters Tike sugar cane stalks in the Tyranny of the total state must be brought to an end in the The address followed a Sunday announcement that the Pope had appointed 32 prelate in 19 coun tries including four in the United States for elevation to the rank of cardinals at a secret consistory ebruary 18 Chureh Belongs to All Catholic church whose eeat is in Rome is above nation he said apparently explain ing the new international char acter the college will assume "It is thi mother of all nations and all peoples It belongs to all peo ple neither to one more or less than to another but equally to all" The pope said there was relief fn celebrating the first peacetime Christmas since World War the last six years all of us in this festivity had bitter feel ing which then were rampart throughout the world and heard fateful voices through the thun der of war What a relief was the news that the bloody conflict had finished first in Europe and then in Asia for the first time the human family will celebrate the festivity when war on land and sea and in the air is finished Everyone is sending thanksgiv ings to God for peace MOSQOW Dec 24 or eign ministers of the United States Great Britain and Russia meeting here have agreed to call a 21 nation peace conference by next May 1 to consider peace treaties with Italy Romania Bul garia Hungary and lnland lt was announced 77 Secretary of State Byrnes Brit 7 1 ish "oreign Secretary Bevln and Russian oreign Commissar Molm tov invited rance and China as members of the Big ive to ad here to their or as they called it frankly decision Victory for Russia The effect of the agreement is that Russia has won a diplomatic victory in that the Big Three will' dominate peace terms preparing both preliminary drafts and final texts However under a compromise worked out by Byrnes which brought 'greemeht after thOvJ tobewrconference in Lgpdon had 'Stance will be nrought ln asa fulT'participatlng power in the treaty with Italy her popu lous and potentially powerful neighbor The Big Three also will invite other powers to consider peace treaty problems which directly: concern them A formal communication Issued by the foreign ministers contained the news of the agreement said that a final statement would be issued in a day or two In the 7 last phase of the conference which is now here the ministers continue to discuss their problems in a friendly spirit it was empha sized rance I Restricted Under the agreement worked out here the United States Great Britain rance and Russia will work out preliminaries of the Italian treaty America Britain and Russia will prepare the Ro manian Bulgarian and' Hun garian treaties Britain and Rus sia will prepare the innish treaty This means $8 the communlca tlon explained that except in the case of rance as regards Italy only signatories of armistice terms 7 will take part Deputies of the foreign minis ters are to start work at once In London to prepare for the 21 nation conference When deputies have completed work delegates of the'Big ive the British Dominions In dia Belgium Holland Norway Czechoslovakia Poland Greece Yugoslavia White Russia Ukraine Ethiopia and Brazil will meet by May 1 to discuss all five treaties Polio und Thief ined $1 in Chicago CHICAGO Dec 24 (CTPS) red Cooper 53 of New York a salesman was fined 1 today by Judge rancis Borrelli for taking135 from a Sister Kenny infan tile paralysis fund box in a hotel President Truman yesterday gave Christmas to more than 4000 ex convicts who served honorably in the armed forces for more than a full pardons that restore their citizen ship He did so by proclamation in vindication of the trust reposed in them as members of the armed forces 7 The White House said full citi zenship had been restored to more than pris oners who had been paroled from ederal prisons for induction into Religion MustlM rfo Palace TOKYO Dec 24 Em peror Hirohito will 'henceforth keep his religion Inside the palace and will not participate in reli gious festivals the imperial house hold announced today The an nouncement followed a directive from Allied headquarters abolish ing state Shintoism The visit to the grand shrine of Ise to report to his ancestors on impor tant matters of state will be dis continued Truman Issues ull Pardons To Ex Convict War Veterans NOTICE Today the Times Herald will not publish any afternoon editions Home subscribers who usual ly receive delivery of the afternoon edition will receive delivery this morning in stead Thank you and a Merry Christmas to ypu alii President Lights Tree on White House Lawn? as Crowds Jam Downtown Area By BEftT WISSMAK jThere was a gaily decorated tree on the White House lawn Christmas carols were in the air 'there were packed churches and jammed theaters and thronged stores in Army Probes000 Mile light OiC 47 Without Human Aid Maj Gen Short one of two wit nesses in the Pearl Harbor inves tigation is suffering from an per respiratory infection but probably will be able to testify soon after January 1 it was dis closed' las night A lieutenant general when he commanded the army's outpost in Hawaii on December 7 1941 Short is now a "patient in Walter Reed Hospital 7 Attaches reported his condition but they not elborate on his ill ness nor say when he could be 77 Both To be Called Senator Lucas (D) of Illinois a' member of the committee said he believed that Short and Adm Kimmel the navy commandant" at Pearl Harbor when the Japs struck both would be called before the inquiry soon after It resumes on December 31 we Lucas said will call Adm Stark former chief of naval operations and when his testimony is completed we will be able to hear Adm Kim me! and Gen New Legal Staff 7 Shot did not rtend my of (ba daily sessions of the hearing last week Before the hearing resumes the committee must select a new legal staff to replace the four man group headed by William Mitchell which resigned in pro test against the prolonged ques tioning of witnesses and the al leged time wasting this procedure involved An executive session of the com mittee will be held before New Year Eve to approve new counsel The legal staff will be selected by subcommittee composed of Chair man Barkley (D) of Kentucky Senator Brewster (R) of Maine and Representative Cooper (D) of Tennessee Yule Accidents 19 Highway atalities CHICAGO Dec" 24 (UP) Christmas Eve found the nation with an accidental death toil of 220 tonight as the country moved two thirds of the way through the holiday week end Snow and ice were preventing many drivers from taking to the highways but already 129 of the deaths were attributable to traffic accidents Suicides murders fires and accidents in the home ac counted for 91 California led the list of States accounting for 19 traffic deaths and 10 miscellaneous tragedies Texas ranked second with 24 deaths 16 of them on the high ways and streets Wisconsin Michigan and Ohio accounted for 12 deaths each Wis consin reporting nine on the high ways Michigan seven and Ohio five Two children lost lives in fires reda Mackfee 7 of Phila delphia was burned fatally when a candle she was carrying set fire to ber clothing and Naomi Nor wood 14 of Washington was burned to death when the Christmas tree in the home where she was visiting caught fire and ignited her clothing Insurance Asked Of Deposit Guaranty The ederal Deposit Insurance Corporation yesterday asked Con gress to raise the present 5000 ceiling on insurance coverage for savings Accounts in banks Protection of only 5000 is "in creasingly Inadequate" in view of the growth in bank accounts since that maximum was set in 1934 the agency said in its 1944 annual report Total deposits of Insured com mercial banks since 1934 grew from 36000000000 to 136000 000000 at the end of 1944 it said A large proportion of the deposits are in excess of 5000 DIC also called for prompt ac tion to halt a toward monopoly in the banking business coiporation believes that the maintenance of genuine com petition among banks is a much better solution to this problem than the further extension of gov ernmental lending it said Battle for Batavia Increase in Bank Ast I a i 1 Ragesjn5Aras Brihth Enginerjt Blow Up Hous orts BATAVIA Dei 24 Brit ish paratroops including veteran "red devils of battled Indonesians In five areas of Ba tavia Sunday and their engineers blew up three houses which had beeif 7 turned 'Intofortresses a British communication said to day 2 4 The paratroops captured large quantities of ammunition from the extremists in Batavia At Buitenzorg 30 miles south of Batavia revolutionaries at tacked British brigade headquar ters wtlh hand grenades but the two hour attack was beaten off A battalion of Ghurkas was sent as reinforcements British troops appeared to be gaining control of Bandoeng and started a final clearance of the town Sunday They were cleaning out an area of the town known to harbor extremists responsible for many kidnaping of Europeans and Eurasians Eighty five Indo nesians were arrested but 16 of them were released At Semarang on the north cen tral coast of Java where the Indo nesians had been using anon mortar fire sniping and sabotage a large force of British troops were mopping up Tty Southern Roads Halt Bus Service ATLANTA Dec 24 our bus lines operating in the south east cancelled all schedules late today because of icy highways Atlantic Greyhound Smoky Mountain Stages Southeastern Motor Lines and Georgia Stage were the lines affected leaving thousands of passengers either stranded or sending them to al ready over crowded trains Is Expected to Testify at Quiz Pearl Probers to Call Witnesses After Jan 1 ConnHospital Swept byRrei 18 Persons Some Believed Dead 7 I 1 HARTORD Conn Sec 24 ire broke out tonight in the Niles Street Hospital and police: said at least 18 persons were taken from the building some of them dead Three alarms were sounded bringing to the scene all avail able fire apparatus and several ambulances from Hartford hospi tals The four story brick and wood building was used as a convales cent home and most of the pa tients were believed to have been elderly Less than an hour after the original alarm an emergency can went out to surrounding commu Itles for additional ambulance Patients Were being removed by firemen and police who set up huge floodlights in the vicinity of the blaze Hampering the firemen in bringing the flames under control were wintry winds that caused the temperature to plummet to about 10 degrees Water froze almost as soon at it poured from the hoM lines and ladders soon were coated with ice Parley to ix Terms of ive Europe Pacts 3d Army ih Hamm Cemetery Widow 'Good Soldier' at Army Burial As' Officers and GIs Join in Tribute By WALTER CBONKTTE HAMM Luxembourg Dec 24 (UP) Gen George Patton joined the dead heroesf his 3d" anriy today be the' thick red clay of the Ardennes where they had fought together just a year' ago Patton was buried the morning of this Christmas eve in what he himself once had called "damned poor tank country and damned bad But he was buried In a precision like military ceremony touched by pomp and tendered by grief Scene of Crucial Battle Big generals and little soldiers were there a were the royalty and the commoners of this tiny coun try from which Patton drove the Germans in tkiat crucial battle last Christmastide But the focal figure standing there under the dark sky against the background of greeh hills was widow A raw wind whirl ing across the top of the blue on which the cemetery is located ruf Snow or Sleet ToallToday Snow that may turn into freez ing rain or sleet will fall today the weatherman said last night Temperatures may climb briefly over the freezing mark this after noon but will drop back into the 20s he said The day will be gen erally cloudy and gloomy he added Yesterday the coldest mark of this winter season was 14 at 6:30 am But at 2:25 pm the thermometer went up to 36 Combined with the forecast of more snow or rain thatwillmakfs streets' even more hazardbus was a warning by local automobile clubs that it will be virtually im possible to get garage service to AJLA said it knew of only one gas station open at our teenth and Belmont St NW There were no chains for sale any where and motor club were at least a day behind in answering emergency calls Goering Leads Nazisn Singing Carols NURNBERG Dec It had to be seen (and heard) to be be lieved! But Hermann Goering led the Nazi war criminal defendants in singing Christmas carols to night Alfred Rosenberg and Ru dolph Hess self admitted agnos tics did not attend the caroling Dick McCanh 17 Drama 22 Inquiring otographer 13 Local News 13 Radio 21 Society 11 Sports 17 18 8 and 16 Your Horoscope 31 Shoe Workers Get Silver Dollar Gifts DOLGEVILLE Dec 24 A total of in silver dollars was passed out to approximately 600 employes of the Dolgeville Shoe Company as' Christmas bonuses Owner Domi nick Calderazzo gail today.

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