Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (2024)

Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (1)

Raid: Shadow Legends a free-to-play strategy game with a gacha system, where the key way to get characters is to knock them out of loot boxes. For this reason, using promo codes for Raid Shadow Legends is an effective method of promotion in the game. Starting from a huge increase in experience and ending with free silver and championsthey can provide many in-game benefits.

The article presents all working promotional codes for Raid: Shadow Legends for July 2024.

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Current Raid: Shadow Legends promo codes for heroes, silver, potions, energy in July

List of current codes in Raid: Shadow Legends, which allow you to get resources, premium, as well as experience, silver and much more:

GODSPEED – only for new players POWERSTARTER – only for new players
LURIA – for new players only
BECURSED – for new players only
FROSTBRINGER – for new players only
GETOBORO – for new players only
2GTNEWBIE – only for new players
MYTURN – for new players only
Click4Gameplay – only for new players
ITSALIVE – for new players only
FREEFROG – for new players only
SUPERPOWERS – only for new players
GETDELIANA23 – only for new players
LADYQUN – only for new players
POWERSTARTER – for new players only
LUCKYRAID – only for new players
MORDECAI – only for Android
UNITED – only for iOS
AMBITION – for iOS only
INFESTED – for iOS only
DESTINY– only for iOS
BETRAYAL – only for iOS
ARBITER – only for iOS
Choice – for iOS only

It is worth considering that activation occurs no more than once every 24 hours. Therefore, it will not be possible to receive all the rewards at once.

For heroes (champions)

The game is almost entirely tied to leveling up and knocking out new characters. Although there are not many free ways to get them. The solution to this problem is promo codes for shards and heroes in Raid: Shadow Legends.

The code
Hero and additional resources

POWERSTARTER Epic champion Thallia, multi-battle set x3, energy replenishment x3. Working (only for new accounts) LUCKYRAID Epic champion Chonoru, 300,000 silver, food for leveling x3. Working (only for new accounts) MIDGAME2022 Rare champion Executioner, experience booster for 1 day, energy replenishment, 100,000 silver. Working (only for new accounts) SUMMERTIME Epic champion Ascetic, multi-combat set for 20 attempts, energy replenishment. Working (new accounts only)

Bonuses are valid limited period of time, so it’s better to hurry and activate while they work.

Where to enter promo codes

If you are at a loss where to enter promotional codes, follow these steps:

Open the game menu. On the left, select side tabto go to additional settings. Click on “Promo codes».

Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (2)

Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (3)

In the window that appears, in the empty text field, you must enter the current code and confirm.

Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (4)

If everything is done correctly, the rewards will be instantly sent to your account. game mail.

Outdated promo codes

These promotional codes are no longer valid, but you can try to use them if some of them suddenly work again. Although this happens extremely rarely. Full list:

13YEARSPLARIUM – 3 sets of multi-battles with 50 attempts each, experience potions x30, 3 days of premium, energy x100.
GDPCRAID22 – rare champion Abbess, 300,000 silver, food for leveling x3.
MYDELIANA – 50 experience potions, 365k silver.
PCRAID2022 – energy x500, 3 days of premium, clan boss key, arena tokens.
YTPCOFER22 – x2 energy replenishment, premium for one day, skill book, food for leveling up, multi-battle set for 50 attempts.
3YEARSRAID – 250,000 silver, energy x250, legendary volume x1, potions x20, 2 sets of multi battles of 50 attempts.
s1mple – 350k silver, 4 enki, 20 decoctions, 3 days of booster;
TGASALE – Fein, 200k silver, rare volume and paint;
REALHELL – epic books, 150 multi-combat, 500 energy and a million silver;
spooky13 – x2 experience for 1 day, 100 multi-combat, epic book;
MURDERGIFT – half a million silver, energy cans (6 pieces), 150 auto-battle, x2 experience for 3 days;
ESLPRO – code for beginners for 3 experience books;
NINJA – 500 thousand silver, cans of energy, 150 multi-fights and a boost to increase experience;
gift1 – 5 arena access tokens, boss key, energy reserves, experience boost;
PLARIUMPLAY – the code will work only after linking your account to Plarium Play, 1 ancient fragment, half a million silver, x2 experience for 1 day, x5 energy, 150 multi-fights;
IT WAS OFF – 100k silver, enka, 2 rare volumes.

Add a page to bookmarksto have time to pick up working codes. We constantly update the article and monitor the relevance of the list of current promo codes for Raid: Shadow Legends. You can share in the comments if any of them are unavailable or you know those that are not listed in the article.

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Shadow Legends Promo Codes [действующие] for July 2024 (2024)
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