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4 THE ONLY DAILY NEWSPAPER SERVING THE HARBOR AREA EXCLUSIVELY New Series: Vol 43 No i00 San Talks Nixon Pedro Calif Fri June 30 1972 22Pagcs lOcPerCopy 832-0221 to resume optimistic it would wipe out tax cuts just gained by middle income workers He did not believe in breaking up a in reard to Vice President Spiro Agnew as a running mate again although a final choice has not been made yet Nixon said the renewed peace talks would not sell out South Vietnam will not negotiate with the enemy for accomplishing they cannot accomplish themselves and that is to impose against their will and the people of South Vietnam a coalition government with the he said The President said the war is already over for most Americans noting that he had lowered expenditures from $22 billion a year to $7 billion and cut troop strength from 543400 to 49000 off an internationally supervised ceasefire and a total withdrawal of all Americans within four months The President said an end to the bombing would also be a bargaining chip The 43-minute news conference which was carried live on radio and television was first full session with the press since June 1 1971 There were several occasions in the 13-month period however when the President met the press on specific matters On other subjects the President said: The unauthorized bombing raids in Vietnam ordered by Gen John Ixivelle did not disrupt diplomatic contracts with the Communists He favored an increase in Social Security benefits but opposed the 20 per cent proposed in the Senate because of its inflationary impact and because financing PAINFUL PREDICAMENT-A 17-year-old San Pedro girl Josefa Macias of 555 Fourth St is trapped in her car while police and firemen work to remove hot wires from her car Police said the girl ran off the roadway at Thirty-second Street and Pacific Avenue at 9 pm Thursday and suffered a broken thigh and ankle Two others in the car were also injured in the crash that blacked out a large section of south San Pedro for 45 minutes (Photo by Dave Lopez) McGovern loses delegate votes Death penalty decision may bar state initiative CARL INGRAM SACRAMENTO (UPI) The question of whether Californians will vote on a ballot initiative to restore capital punishment appeared headed for a legal test today in the wake of the US Supreme Court death penalty decision Gov Ronald Reagan a major supporter of the initiative called on voters than ever" to approve it at the November election In the legislature Sen Richardson R-Arcadia introduced a measure urging Congress to convene a constitutional convention and adopt an amendment that would allow states to establish the death penalty if they wanted it In an historic decision the high court ruled 5-4 Thursday that capital punishment was and but couldn't agree completely that it would be unconstitutional under all circ*mstances Secretary of State Edmund Brown Jr directed this attorneys to find out if there was precedent for keeping the death By BILL STALL SACRAMENTO (AP) Sen Hubert California delegation emerging from the ashes of its June 6 defeat meets Saturday to plan its disputed trip to the Democratic National Convention people are enthused an elated Joseph Cerrell California campaign manager who said already chartered a plane for Miami Beach An angry McGovern leader his forces suddenly and dramatically stripped of more than half its strength vowed: going to have 271 California votes at that convention The secretary of state talked of going to court to enforce the outcome of the June 6 California presidential primary Meanwhile the state party chairman started making the rounds of the revived presidential camps in an effort to prevent a serious party split after a period of relative unity All the turmoil resulted from decision of the Credentials Committee to overturn Sen George winner-take-all victory of 271 delegate votes The committee stripped the South Dakota senator of more than half his delegates and apportioned them among the other eight candidates on the basis of the votes they received in the primary McGovern retains just 118 votes pending an expected convention floor By HELEN THOMAS WASHINGTON (UPI) President Nixon says the United States and North Vietnam have agreed to resume peace talks July 13 and that serious negotiations could end the war within seven months those negotiations go forward in a constructive and serious Nixon said Thursday night war can be ended and it can be ended well before Jan The talks in Paris were broken off by the United States May 4 The President said at a news conference he believed that the bombing of North Vietnam and the mining of Communist harbors in the past seven weeks turned the war around and forced the Communists to the table for the first serious negotiations since the talks began in 1968 Nixon said the US position will be the same one on the table when the talks broke Viets near recapture of Quang Tri SAIGON (UPI) A task force of 21000 South Vietnamese troops Thursday closed in on three sides of Quang Tri City in the two-day-old drive to retake the only Communist-held province US B-52 bombers pounded targets within four miles of the city to back the push The big B-52s also blasted targets in North Vietnam The US command said 12 of the planes dropped 300 tons of explosives 18 to 28 miles south and southeast of Dong Hoi and 18 miles northwest of the port city about 35 miles north of the demilitarized zone DMZ) separating the two Vietnams In a delay report the command said a US Navy A-7 fighter-bomber was downed last Sunday northwest of Vinh about 160 miles inside North Vietnam The pilot was reported missing In Washington President Nixon said the drive on Quang Tri South northernmost province captured by the North Vietnamese May 1 in their offensive that began March 30 has put the government on the offensive But he cautioned that the North Vietnamese would continue their offensive and that the conflict was not over yet He also said the Paris peace talks broken off May 4 would resume July 13 South Vietnamese troops advancing from three directions reportedly had reached to within five miles of Quang Tri City The fighting shaping up as one of the key campaigns has left at least 350 Communist toops dead in the first two days with 15 government soldiers dead and 50 wounded The battle also claimed its first American casualty the US command said when an adviser to a government para-troop division was wounded in a Communistshelling attack Irish back down from confrontation BELFAST (UPI) Protestants and Roman Catholics inched back today from a confrontation that threatened to shatter Northern fragile four-day-old peace The Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) announced Thursday night it will pull down today three of its two dozen barricades which have turned Roman Catholic areas into zones for security forces since last year Under a bill by Sen Anthony Beilenson D-Beverly Hills about 35000 automobile repair dealers will be required to have state licenses for the first time The law is designed to protect motorists from unscupulous auto repair shops It sets up standards for repair work and the state has about 70 workers to insure compliance The measure requires that customers be provided ith a written estimate for the repair work is undertaken and that notice be given when used or rebuilt parts are installed among other things The Department of Consumer Affairs is charged with enforcing the law It could revoke or suspend a license for decision did not forever rule out capital punishment in California At a news conference Thui sday Reagan said he interpreted the separate-opinions of court justices as indicating there would be certain crimes that could be legally punishable by death and it was up to state legislatures to determine which they were He said the court's action the initiative on the ballot more important than it was even and said the of California should make their feelings Assemblyman Alan Sieroty D-Beverly Hills legislative leader in repealing the death penalty said the court's decision was of a human and civilized society" Assemblyman John Stull of Leucadia a former Navy commander and currently Assembly Republican caucus chairman denounced it as a blow to forces of law and order which sends the initiative down the tubes" Police conduct marijuana raid on SP home Two San Pedro brothers have been arrested by Harbor Division police and booked for possession of marijuana after the officers executed a search warrant at their home In custody are Andrew Iee Jackson 39 and Samuel Ie Jackson 42 both of 950 Oliver St Apt 4 San Pedro The pair was arrested by narcotic investigators Ben VanDeavender and Ed Ryan shortly before 10 am Thursday when the officers went to the home Police said the warrant charged there were sales of marijuana being transacted in the home After beginning a search of the house police said Andrew Jackson told them where two (17 grams) of marijuana were hidden A cursory search for weapons of Samuel police said disclosed two marijuana cigarettes All the contraband was booked as evidence Senate Demos avoid action on tax plan battle under counts used by both Humphrey and McGovern officials Humphrey rises from nothing what the loser of a California primary always got in the past to 104 delegate votes But Secretary of State Edmund Brown Jr disregarded ruling in Washington DC and certified all 271 McGovern delegates saying he was compelled by law to do so Brown a Democrat backing Sen Edmund Muskie for president added he might launch a court challenge of the Credentials Committee action is wrong for a group of politicians in Washington to decide our election system is said Brown the 33-year-old son of the former governor time for the challenge was before the election not after the Assemblyman Willie Brown Jr of San Francisco co-chairman of the McGovern delegation vowed to take all 271 delegates plus alternates to Miami Beach and seat them by getting the entire convention to overturn the Credentials decision The influential legislator said party reformers agreed to let California retain the winner-take-all primary for the 1972 election Most states have gone to proportional representation on their delegations after the ball game is over the Wallaceites the Muskieites the Humphre-yites the Chisholmites and the Jacksonites have ganged up on the voters of California to dump us and create Brown said under the direction of Battalion 16 Chief Harold Inlow fought the flames for 15 minutes before bringing the blaze under control The store suffered an estimated $7500-damage and most of the loss $6000 was to the contents The arson investigators said the fire began at the rear of the store and quickly spread into the building Several witnesses told firemen they saw the woman set some rubbish on fire Firemen said there was no evidence of flammable liquids used to set the blaze and said the woman was arrested at the scene prices The Department of Motor Vehicles said this week that persons who do not plan to i use their vehicles until later this year will 1 have a 30-day grace period in which to register them Under another law going into effect Saturday children will no longer be able to buy toy hand grenades or bombs The measure by Assemblyman John Burton D-San Francisco also bans the sale of toys depicting torture such as hanging in racks with hot irons that they can be stuck The new law is not expected to result in any wholesale clearing of toy store shelves An aide to Burton said a recent check of stores was unable to turn up any of the offending playthings Port woman arrested for clothing store fire penalty initiative on the ballot in view of the court's decision we decide to do going to be reviewed by the reported Daniel Lowenstein special counsel to Brown The measure qualified for the ballot by peace officers after the state Supreme Court ruled capital punishment violated the California constitution would reinstate the death penalty Lowenstein said Brown could leave it on the ballot let the opponents sue us if they choose or we could initiate a court action ourselves to get definite word in advance" either he said court would have the last Democratic Assembly Speaker Bob Moretti D-Van Nuys a death penalty foe insisted there was way to take it off the ballot" It was the court's inability to agree on whether the ultimate penalty was unconstitutional under all circ*mstances upon which Reagan expressed belief that the He stated he could not approve more taxes in the face of a $450 million surplus in the budget The Reagan-Moretti plan calls for an across-the-board increase of 35 per cent in state taxes raising $198 million a boost in the 5 per cent sales tax of one per cent bringing in $585 million and hiking bank and corporation taxes by 14 per cent Also included was a 85 per cent increase in the motor vehicle in-lieu tax In return the proposal would provide some renter tax relief and property tax relief of $715 million two-thirds of it for homeowners The homeowners would have their $750 property tax exemption raised $1750 Schools would receive $530 million in additional money including an to help out big city schools ities in urban areas and either for highway construction or mass transit in rural localities Frank Walton secretary of Business and Transportation said $30 to $50 million of the total will go to local governments for use as they see fit including property tax relief Walton said the new law aid in our continuing battle against air pollution by enabling existing transit operations to upgrade their 20- or 30-year-old facilities with new and comfortable vehicles which will attract potential riders away from their private The new tax which will cost the average motorist about $14 a year will be SACRAMENTO UPI Senate Democrats studiously avoided an endorsem*nt today of a compromise $12 billion tax shift-school finance plan backed by Gov Ronald Reagan and Assembly Speaker Bob Moretti D-Van Nuys senatorial colleagues met privately late Thursday to consider the proposal which links Moretti and the Republican chief executive in an unusual alliance Reagan said earlier in the day that he would sign the proposal if it passes He said it would be of and would the school financing One key Senate Democrat Randolph Collier of Yreka powerful chairman of the Finance Committee persisted in his adamant opposition to the compromise He said he saw of it being enacted Extension of sales tax to gasoline'to boost A 33-year-old Wilmington woman has been arrested by Los Angeles City -Fire Department arson investigators in connection with a clothing store fire Thursday Firemen say Graceann Dowd of 230 Avalon Blvd was taken into custody at the scene of the fire Wear at 334 Avalon Blvd Wilmington Inspectors Merle Pugh and Gordon Hopkins made the arrest after witnesses placed her at the scene when the fire started at 11 :34 am Three companies of firefighters from Task Force 38 and Engine Company 49 fraud negligence making false promises to induce a customer to have his car repaired and willful departure from or disregard of accepted trade standards for good and workmanlike Criminal penalties are provided in the law for dishonest dealers In another first Saturday owners ofoff-the-road vehicles such as dune buggies and trad bikes will have to register them with the state The registration fees will cost $15 per vehicle for a two-year license The money will be used to develop a statewide trail system for the machines The registration is required under a law by Assemblyman Eugene Chappie R-Cool) By DAVID JENSEN SACRAMENTO UPI When California 's 10 million motorists say Saturday it is going to cost them about $479000 more than they usually pay for their tankfuls of gas The cost of buying gasoline is going up because of a new' state law which extends the 5 per cent state sales tax to gas That means that $1 worth of gas will cost a nickel more an increase of about two cents a gallon The law which goes into effect Saturday is expected to add during its first year another $175 million to state coffers Most of the money will be distributed to local governments for mass transit facil- imposed on top of the current state and federal excise taxes on gasoline which total 11 cents a gallon Those taxes are computed into the price shown on the gasoline pump But service station operators will have the option of putting the new levy on the pump or imposing it afterwards just as is dope on the sale of a suit of clothes or a six-pack of beer The extension of the tax to gasoline the result of a bill authored by Sen James Mills D-San Diego represents the first increase in state taxes on gasoline in 10 years Another new law which also goes into effect Saturday may ease some of the pain of the tax increase for automobile drivers I.

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