Leanbeefpatty's Revealed: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Real Name, Boyfriend! Click for Fitness Enthusiast's Story! (2024)

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Meet Leanbeefpatty! She is a renowned social media personality and fitness instructor who is famous for her stunning abs and biceps. Her online workout routines have gained her quite a following, with over 7.7 million on TikTok and 6 million on Instagram. But who is this fitness sensation? In this article, we’ll dive into Leanbeefpatty’s bio.

Her dedication and hard work have turned her bodybuilding passion into a successful profession, with millions of followers on social media. If you’re interested in learning more about her personal story, you’re in the right place. This article shares Leanbeefpatty bio, including her age, height, weight, real name, boyfriend, and other interesting facts.

Leanbeefpatty's Revealed: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Real Name, Boyfriend! Click for Fitness Enthusiast's Story! (1)

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Leanbeefpatty Biography

Leanbeefpatty, whose real name is Patricia, is a social media sensation and fitness instructor who has taken the world by storm with her incredible physique and online workout routines. She is known for showcasing her toned abs and biceps, inspiring millions of people around the globe to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California, Patty comes from a mixed heritage and follows the Christian faith. She has been involved in physical exercise since she was a child but took a break from it for some time. However, she soon realized that she was losing her confidence and fitness and decided to hit the gym in 2018. Since then, there has been no looking back for her, and her growth has been nothing short of incredible. Today, she is a health instructor who motivates and guides people of all ages to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Patty’s workouts include weight lifting, pushups, and callisthenics, to name a few. Her online workout routines have earned her millions of followers on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where she collaborates with other fitness influencers like Jesse James West. She launched her account in March 2021, and her first video featured back stretches. In April 2021, she posted a video showcasing what she ate in a day, which included fruit, a protein bar, rice, carrots, chicken, avocado, and stir-fry vegetables and rice.

Patty’s incredible success on social media can be attributed to her authenticity, dedication, and hard work. Her followers look up to her as a role model, and she inspires them to achieve their fitness goals with her positive and motivational approach. With more than 7.7 million followers on TikTok, 6 million followers on Instagram, and 2.21 million subscribers on YouTube, Patty has truly made a mark in the world of fitness and social media.

Leanbeefpatty Wikipedia

Real NamePatricia
Age27 Years
Live inLos Angeles, USA
EthnicityMixed American
ParentsUpdate Soon
Height172 cm
Weight59 kg
Famous forFitness Influencer
BoyfriendUpdate Soon
Net Worth$1 million to $ 5 million

Leanbeefpatty Age

How old is Leanbeefpatty? If you’re curious about Leanbeefpatty’s age, you’re not alone. Many of her followers are interested in knowing how old she is. Through our research, we’ve discovered that Leanbeefpatty is currently 26 years old. However, we couldn’t find her exact birthdate. It is only known that she was born in 1997. With her incredible physique and inspiring workout routines, it’s no wonder that she has amassed such a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Leanbeefpatty Height and Weight / Body

How tall is Leanbeefpatty? If you’re wondering about Leanbeefpatty’s height and weight, we’ve got you covered. After conducting thorough research, we’ve found that Leanbeefpatty stands at 172 cm tall and weighs 59 kg. Her dedication to bodybuilding has certainly paid off and has made her famous on social media platforms. She has been an inspiration to many people who aspire to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Her workouts and diet plans have been praised for their effectiveness in achieving a toned physique. Apart from her physical attributes, Leanbeefpatty is also known for being a well-rounded individual.

Leanbeefpatty's Revealed: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Real Name, Boyfriend! Click for Fitness Enthusiast's Story! (2)

Leanbeefpatty Career

Leanbeefpatty’s fitness journey began in 2018 when she decided to start going to the gym to regain her confidence and fitness. She worked hard and made significant progress, which inspired her to share her journey with others. In March 2021, she created a Tiktok account to document her workouts and provide fitness tips to others who were looking to improve their health. Her videos quickly gained popularity, and she amassed thousands of followers in a short span of time.

As Leanbeefpatty’s popularity grew, so did her social media following. She currently has over 7.6 million followers on Tiktok, and her videos have been liked by over 700 million people on the same platform. On Instagram, she has a massive following of 6 million people who admire her dedication to fitness. Additionally, over 2 million people have subscribed to her YouTube channel, where she posts workout routines and healthy meal ideas.

Today, Leanbeefpatty is a well-known fitness personality who has made a name for herself in the industry. Her journey from a fitness enthusiast to a social media influencer is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. She continues to inspire others with her workout routines, diet plans, and fitness tips, and her popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

LeanbeefpattyBefore and After

Leanbeefpatty's Revealed: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Real Name, Boyfriend! Click for Fitness Enthusiast's Story! (3)

In the image above, you can see a comparison between a picture of her in 2017 and another one in 2023. She started going to the gym in 2018 and has been dedicated to bodybuilding ever since. People often ask how long Leanbeefpatty has been working out. Since 2018, she has been sharing her fitness journey on the internet, including healthy tips, squat routines, and bench routines. Her story has inspired many people.

Leanbeefpatty Real Name

What is Leanbeefpatty’s real name? Now this is the most asked question on the internet. Our team researched well, but still not find any verified data. But we only found that Leanbeefpatty real name is Patricia.

Leanbeefpatty Boyfriend

Leanbeefpatty has amassed a huge social media following thanks to her inspiring fitness journey. As her popularity grew, many of her followers became curious about her personal life and relationship status. After conducting thorough research, we found out that Leanbeefpatty is currently single and not dating anyone.

In an interview, Leanbeefpatty revealed that she is not interested in a relationship at the moment and is fully focused on her career and personal growth. When asked about the type of guy she likes, she said that she has not given it much thought and is not actively looking for a partner. It’s clear that her career and fitness goals take priority in her life, and she is fully committed to achieving her aspirations.

Despite being single, Leanbeefpatty has still managed to attract a massive following on social media, and her fans continue to support her career and fitness journey. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same has earned her a lot of respect and admiration in the fitness community. It’s amazing to see how much she has accomplished in such a short span of time, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Leanbeefpatty Net Worth

Leanbeefpatty, being a popular social media personality with millions of followers, is expected to have multiple sources of income. Although she does not disclose her earnings publicly, we can estimate her net worth based on her social media presence and brand collaborations. As a fitness instructor and influencer, she may earn from social media monetization, brand deals, and sponsorships. Additionally, she endorses her own supplement brand, which could contribute to her income.

Considering all these factors, it is estimated that Leanbeefpatty’s net worth is between $1 million to $10 million. However, this is just an estimation and the actual figures could be different. Regardless of her net worth, her dedication to fitness and her popularity among her followers is undeniable.

Leanbeefpatty Social Links

TikTok7.6 Mn Followers@Leanbeefpatty
Instagram6 Mn Followers@Leanbeefpatty
YouTube2 Mn Followers@Leanbeefpatty
Twitter150k Followers@Leanbeefpatty


Who is Leanbeefpatty?

Leanbeefpatty is a fitness instructor and TikTok sensation who is known for her incredible charm and fitness regime.

How old is Leanbeefpatty?

In 2023, she will be 26 years old.

How tall is Leanbeefpatty?

Leanbeefpatty height is 172 cm. and weight is 59 kg.

Where is Leanbeefpatty from?

She is from Los Angeles, United States of America.

Where does Leanbeefpatty live?

Currently, she lives in California.

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Leanbeefpatty's Revealed: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Real Name, Boyfriend! Click for Fitness Enthusiast's Story! (2024)
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